Nuggets Of Hope

It’s hard being patient.  Holding onto hope is even harder, especially when the Mt. Everest that is before you seemingly gets bigger with every climb. Still, I believe God gives you nuggets of hope – something that will build walls of strength around your faith and be a trampoline to help you bounce back when you find yourself fainting. For me, it’s the accomplishments (no matter how big or small) that bring fulfillment and some kind of relief. Like when Callie was 5 years old and he dropped his cup on his younger brother’s foot. His immediate response was, “Are you ok?” And although it was a quote from one of his Calliou cartoon movies, the context of his usage was appropriate. I can also talk about how recently he embraced me from behind on his run to the comfort & safety of his room. It was quick. No words were spoken. . .and not because he could not vocalize his thoughts, but there was no need. The silence spoke volumes and my heart was overwhelmed with what that moment meant. Anyone else would have looked at this as a drive-by hug & by it being so swift,  the hug itself would have been questionable. But the words “I love you” didn’t have to exit his mouth. It would have been out of routine anyway. However, coming out of his norm to express the unspoken gave me a much needed boost to believe there’s more to my son.  Therefore, I am persuaded that “I would have lost heart, unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” (Psalms 27:13)
Thanks for listening,

4 thoughts on “Nuggets Of Hope

  1. Wow, what you say is so true! Patience is the hardest element of caring for another, especially anyone with special needs.

    Yes, I think God does help those who sincerely ask for it and believe their prayers will be answered.


  2. So true and patience is so hard especially when you want to see you roved one regain what they have lost and be the one you used to know again.
    That mountain grows and grows, and one step at a time we climb it, grateful for the good days we have to help us walk through the not so good.
    I like this post.

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